Saturday, October 30, 2010

Never Die & Never Live (Short Story) Oct.2010

Never Die & Never Live

Down in the drain, up in the sky, we’re destined to live and never die, said Mugasa the leader of the tribe.

In a deeper & lower voice, like whispers in the ears of the crowd; we are to live and never die.

The tribe in unison said after him in a grandeur voice;

We are to live and never die.

We are to live and never die.

A faint smile was drawn on Mugasa’s face and he said; our success lies in our survival. We never sought glory or glamour, and we shall never seek them.

Whoever gained from these qualities? Whoever gained from being loved or in love? I am the eldest amongst you, and my age in millions of years is the source of all wisdom.

I have seen the dinosaurs rising and falling. I have seen the wild tigers of the forests tamed in the zoo, I have seen the king of the jungle helpless in a cage.

Abandoned we are, from cradle to youth to death, if death ever happens. Never take care of your young, or they will take care of you. A vicious cycle of care and in whose interest is this care and love?! We do not need care or love; all we need is to fly.

Never fly too far or too high. Fly in circles, never in a certain direction. Flying in a direction is a stance, and we never take stances or make decisions, this is the secret of our might.

From the back of the crowd a young fly protested: My fellow flies, I shall remain the way I am. I will mate when I need or want, and I shall not await your dark season of mating. I do things differently, and shall remain the way I am. I declare my disobedience to Mugasa the king of flies, and my disobedience to the larger empire of insects, the Mediocity Empire.

I shall love and hate and I will not leave my children to your fate. I will do it my way, and who knows, perhaps one day I will be your king, and have the power to change you from inside.

This was not the first time for Romeozo to shock Mugasa’s audience.

As he stormed out, the rounded hall fell silent. They could not withstand Romeozo’s ideas.

They never reacted to him, because they had learnt never to react, yet they were astonished that Mugasa never reacted to him as well.

He was known as ‘Romeozo the Hero’ in the kingdom of flies, a charismatic, revolutionary, impulsive young male, widely known for his stubbornness and his continuous efforts to breach state laws.

Why does Mugasa the Almighty never react to this rebellious, immature fly? No body knew!!

The meeting of the leader with his citizens had to be brought to a halt, due to the intensive waterfalls which flowed through the entire hall during that time of the day. They all rushed out of the hall.

Mugasa walked into the grand pipe room with his shrewd minister Medosa.

Medosa, confusedly asked; your highness, why are we not getting rid of Romeozo, He is losing his sanity everyday.

He is a young soul, leave him.

And how many young souls did we get rid of?!, said Medosa sarcastically. Why do you insist on not getting rid of him? Rebellion is contagious your highness! If the Grand Empire smells the rise of a rebellion, they will overrule us. With a flap of your wing, this maggot could be demolished. The trap is ready, similar to the other traps we have done before; luring him into the hands of the humans, and let them get rid of him and end this menace.

My order to you Medosa is to leave him. Do not even disrupt his rebellion.

“As you wish my Lord”, said Medosa in disbelief as he turned to leave the King’s private room.

A few days afterwards, the news about Romeozo’s death was everywhere. Romeozo was dead and no body knew how or why.

As soon as the news arrived to Medosa’s ministerial office, he ran to the king’s private place next door.

You did it almighty, you did it yourself. I was sure you were going to get rid of him sooner or later, said Medosa in a pleased voice.

I did not Medosa! I did not, the king chuckled.

Then who did it, who killed him?

He killed himself!

Why would he?

Did he not announce out loudly that he is born to live, love, hate and rebel?!

Yes he said, he will mate when he feels like it, he will…

In a stuttering voice he said, He will…

He will do what Medosa? Snapped the king loudly.

He will “god forgive him and god forgive us all” disobey you and disobey the Medio-City Empire, I really do not know how he dared say that out loud.

He died because he decided to die, King Mugasa explained. If you succeed you fail, if you love you hate, and if you take a decision, you take a stance and if you take a stance, you create both enmity and adoration. Romeoza left our almighty Kingdom that has survived on such wise principles.

I did not kill him, because the million years of my wisdom foretold his eventual death. Romeozo and all his predecessors are destined to die eventually in the Medio-City Empire. There is never a need to kill a dead body.

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  1. a very nice story ya sifo .. but i kinda didnt understand the end .. on why he killed himself .. and how can taking decisions would kill

    you think out of the box dear, wish you best of luck .. and cant wait for the next post